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Ozarks Kat and K9 Shelter

A non-profit 501(c)3 NO-KILL Animal Shelter

Help control the population...

OKK9 Low Income Spay and Neuter Voucher Program

Effective 10/3/2022: The OKK9 Spay & Neuter Voucher program is designed for low income pet owners who reside in one of the following Missouri counties: Camden, Morgan, Miller, Benton or Pettis. To qualify, you must receive some form of state or federal assistance (i.e., Medicaid, SNAP, WIC, SSI, etc.) or have a household income that falls within the guidelines shown on the chart below (verifiable via W-2 or 2 most recent pay stubs).

Our voucher acts as a coupon for a discount on the spay or neuter surgery itself at a participating vet clinic. The amount of the voucher will be dependent on species/sex/weight of the animal. You are responsible for any payments due to the veterinarian over the face value of the voucher. Additional costs may be charged at the time of surgery if your vet requires extra services such as exams, vaccines, or flea/tick/parasite treatments. A list of vet clinics who accept our program will be provided to you upon receiving a voucher and are also listed below. Please stop by the shelter during business hours with proof of income/assistance and proof of residency to speak with our staff about getting a voucher.

Our program also has funds to help with the spaying/neutering of feral cats. Eligible cats are those that are homeless, un-owned, free-roaming, unsocialized, and appear healthy. To be eligible these cats must be released back into their home colony/area and will receive an ear tip at the time of surgery.

If you need assistance with spay/neuter and do not feel you qualify for the above-mentioned guidelines, feel free to call and speak to shelter management at 573-374-2629. We will be happy to discuss your situation on a case by case basis to see if we can help in any way.

Area Low Cost Spay/Neuter ​Clinics

R Veterinary - Laurie

242 S Main St, Suite A

Laurie, MO 


(Only low cost with OKK9 voucher)

Eldon Spay & Neuter Clinic

310 W 4th St

Eldon. MO


The Spay & Neuter Clinic, LLC

214 W Main St

Sedalia, MO


Dogwood Animal Shelter

1075 Runabout Dr

Osage Beach, MO


Vaccine and Microchipping Vouchers

Low income lake-area pet owners are eligible for vouchers for pet vaccinations and micro-chipping at a cost of $15 each. Limited numbers of vouchers are available each month on a first come/first serve basis and must be purchased IN PERSON at the shelter building. Only cash or debit/credit card accepted for payment with this program. Call 573-374-2629 for more information.